We would like to welcome everybody to our new website for 2018!!

We are extremely excited to finally bring to you our new business branding and website for weberdesigns.co.uk.

We would like to give a massive shout out to Matt at Big North Creative (bignortcreative.co.uk) who shared our vision from the outset to create a luxury brand that mirrors our workmanship and also deliver a website that was both functional and flawless in design.

Matt’s creative efforts have been massive in helping us to achieving our online goal and after meeting with several web design companies previously, trolling through multiple websites and google results we were met with a breath of fresh air. His outlook, approach and efforts have been well and truly recognised by our team here at weber and we hope this can be a start of a great relationship moving forward.

We would like to welcome all our customers to have a look through our new site, view our extensive range of kitchens within our catalogue and even browse our online store. We hope you all have a pleasant experience and hope that we can find the right kitchen for your home.